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Export MP3 Playlist v1.2 1.41 Mb disk image (freeware)

System requirements: tested on OSX 10.7, intel, itunes 10

Export MP3 Playlist v1.1 28 Kb disk image (freeware)

System requirements: tested on OSX 10.5, ppc, itunes 9.0

The concept

Simple applescript to export a playlist from itunes to a memory stick

What's New in version 1.1 ?

Fixed timeout error when tracks need to be converted to mp3 format

key features

  • deletes all existing MP3 files from chosen folder
  • copies MP3 files to chosen folder
  • copies either selected tracks or all tracks in the selected playlist
  • converts any files not in MP3 format then deletes them from both itunes playlist and music folder
  • files are numbered so that any MP3 player will play them in playlist order
  • files are copied with MP3 tags so track name, artist is available to display in MP3 player