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TrackDesigner 1.3.1 360 Kb zip archive (released 23.11.2007)


TrackDesigner is a layout editor for the Scalextric slot car racing system.

System requirements: ppc OSX 10.3.9 or above, intel 10.4 or above

See a screenshot here.

What's new in 1.3.1 (23.11.2007) ?

  • Version 1.3.1 makes two corrections.
  • The C8202 section was wrongly configured with the angle 22.5 deg. (Thanks to Franco in Italy for spotting this). To pick up the corrected angle of 45 deg you will need to remove the existing C8202 from your section collection and then add it back.
  • The scale slider was not working in version 1.3, this is now fixed
  • TrackDesigner is available at Versiontracker. MacUpdate are not authorised to include it.

What's new in 1.3 (28.10.2007) ?

  • Version 1.3 is a universal binary compatible with Tiger and Leopard; no new functionality has been added. TrackDesigner is available at Versiontracker. MacUpdate are not authorised to include it.

What's new in 1.2.2 (09.01.2005) ?

  • This is a partial implementation of the Elevated Crossover C8295. Our understanding is that the two sections supplied may in fact be used independently and this is how we implement them now. The downside is that TrackDesigner will not force completion if they are used together.

  • We will develop this according to user feedback. The options are:
    • 1 keep it as it is
    • 2 implement similar to Straight Crossover C8210 but with two versions, one for 90 deg, one for 180 deg
    • 3 (most difficult so least quick :)) retain separate implementation but have TrackDesigner detect if one C8295 section is on top of another and only then force a fit

Main features (version 1.2.1 15.09.2004):

create your own bank of track sections using descriptions or Scalextric codes

All sport and currently available classic track included, with conversion between the two properly handled

draggable section-type bins with number available indicator

colour-coded lanes respond to any cross-over sections

change the direction of curves and side-swipes

create bridges

drag and drop or centre the whole track

rotate layout through 90 degrees clockwise or anti-clockwise

unlimited undo/redo

traffic lights and different engine sounds indicate how well the ends meet

simple graphic indicates whether or not lanes are of equal length

scaled vertical and horizontal axes show how much room your layout will need

slider to scale track view

choice of metric or imperial units

metrics drawer

save and load layouts

quick help menu showing key modifiers and detailed HTML help


Registering TrackDesigner

The un-registered version is fully functional but is limited to 30 sections per layout. To remove this restriction you may register TrackDesigner for $30, using the paypal button below:

You will receive your key by email as soon as the transfer completes; this is usually within two working days.